Species Identification Experts

To volunteer as a Species Identification Expert for the September 22, 2017 York University BioBlitz you should be comfortable in identifying a group (or groups) of species likely to be found on campus. Examples of “groups of species” could be plants, trees, dragonflies, all insects, etc.


  • provide organizers with a list of equipment needed for identification
  • you will be instructing participants on how to identify your chosen species group (those likely to be found on campus)
  • you will lead participants in the field to find, identify, and record observations
    • observations will be recorded on the iNaturalist app or on paper data sheets
  • You can, if you wish, provide additional interesting information on your species group, biodiversity in general, or conservation issues!
  • Have fun!!

If interested in this, or any other positions, please email us at yorkubioblitz@gmail.com