As a participant of the York University BioBlitz event you will register to take part in one or more species group sessions. At these sessions, you and other participants will be trained on how to identify your chosen species group and will introduce you to species likely to be found at York University. The different species groups are Birds, Insects, and Plants. You will also learn how to take good quality photos for confirming identifications.

You will then head out with your species identification expert to different areas of campus where you will search for, identify, and record as many species as possible. Data will be recorded primarily on iNaturalist (via their free app) to be confirmed by identification experts. This data can then be used in future research projects and gives an idea of the biodiversity found around the York Campus!

If you do not have access to a device with internet paper data sheets will be provided!

A tentative schedule of events can be found here: Tentative BioBlitz schedule