For the YorkU BioBlitz happening on September 22, 2017 we will be using the app iNaturalist to record species observations.

iNaturalist is a free app used word wide where participants can submit observations of species found to help record biodiversity globally. Observations are confirmed by community members and this data can then be used in future research projects.

Where to get the app

The iNaturalist app is available for FREE from the App Store or Google Play

iNaturalist can also be used on the web at

After you download the app…

Join the “YorkU BioBlitz Sept 22” iNaturalist project! To do this open the iNaturalist app and select ‘projects’, next search for “YorkU BioBlitz Sept 22” under projects, then select join the “YorkU BioBlitz Sept 22” project.

How to upload an observation

An observation should be a good quality photo (or photos) which can be used to identify the species. The number and type of photos needed to confirm identifications may vary based on taxon.  Generally you should aim to capture:

For plants – flower head, stem, leaf, and leaf arrangement

For birds – head, breast colour, body colour/pattern

For insects – head, body, legs

Your observation should also include the date and time of the observation. If using a smart phone this is usually automatically saved in the photo’s data and when you upload to iNaturalist this data will automatically populate. If you do not have access to this feature you should record the date and time of the observation.

Your observation also should have information on the location of where you observed the species. If you have location detection on your device, this may populate automatically on iNaturalist. If not, you will be able to search on Google Maps during the upload process for the location of your observation. You should try and get as close to the exact location of the observation as you can remember to increase the location accuracy of your observation.


If you need anymore help there are great help guides on iNaturalist here: