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Welcome to the York University BioBlitz website!

Event details:

The York University BioBlitz is open to all York University members and is free to attend! We just ask that you please register  so that we can keep track of participants!

Before the BioBlitz To-do List:

  1. Register for as many sessions as you can attend! A schedule of events can be found below
  2. Download the free iNaturalist app
  3. Join the YorkU BioBlitz project on iNaturalist called “Yorku BioBlitz Sept 22”. To do this open the iNaturalist app, select projects, search for “YorkU BioBlitz Sept 22” and select join. If you are unfamiliar with iNaturalist check out the help pages here!
  4. Check the weather and dress appropriately! Shorts are not recommended. You should bring study shoes, hats, sunscreen and insect repellent (if desired)

The day of the BioBlitz Sept 22:

  1. Come to room 126 Lumbers (building 20) to sign in and meet your group. If you are coming late, please still come to room 126 Lumbers to sign in and we will get you set up!
  2. Meet up with your group, gather any equipment needed, and follow your species identification experts to the survey sites
  3. From the survey sites, your species identification experts will give instructions on how to identify species
  4. Begin surveying as many different species as you can and upload these observations to iNaturalist under the YorkU BioBlitz Project. If you haven’t used iNaturalist before there is a great help page on the iNaturalist site!
  5. Have a great time!

No access to internet? No worries! you can save observations to be uploaded when you return to lumbers after surveying. Don’t have access to a smart phone? We have you covered! Paper datasheets will be provided – or you can team up with others! Please bring a pencil if you anticipate using a paper datasheet!

The different taxon groups that you can explore include birds, insects, and plants!

To find out more about what a bioblitz is please click here!

Schedule of Events:


The YorkU BioBlitz is open for all York University members! This includes all students (undergraduate and graduate), Faculty, and staff from any department! The event will be taking place at the Keele Campus and is FREE to attend!!

More information will be coming soon on a schedule events and meeting locations for the September 22, 2017 York University BioBlitz!

There are two ways that you can be involved in this great event. You can be involved as  of the many volunteer positions we still have available, or you can be a participant of the event!