What is a BioBlitz?

A BioBlitz is an event that brings together experts and the community to inventory all species found within a given area and time period. Participants will find, and identify species which will then be verified by the experts. Experts also guide instruction on identification methods and provide general information about biodiversity and biodiversity conservation.

For more information on BioBlitz events occurring within Ontario visit http://www.ontariobioblitz.ca/

Why participate in a BioBlitz?

BioBlitz events are fun ways to get outdoors and learn something new! They help connect people with nature and you can become more familiar with species found within your own neighborhood.

Not only will you learn new skills and have some fun, but your efforts can help with future research projects as the data you help collect is made publicly available online on iNaturalist and on government databases.

Why York University Campus?

The York University campus has a diverse community of students with many different interests that may include increasing their knowledge of biodiversity, but they do not know how to get involved. This is a great opportunity to get outside and gain experience while being conveniently located close to where people study, work and live. Some people may be surprised to find that urban environments are home to many species of plants and animals and a BioBlitz event is a great way to find out more and connect with these species