Welcome to the York University BioBlitz website!

The BioBlitz on September 22 was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came out and a BIG thank you to all volunteers who helped make the day run perfectly!!

We are up to 126 species identified on campus! WOW! of the 126 there were….

  • 20 Bird species
  • 4 Mammal species
  • 1 Fish species
  • 2 Arachnid species
  • 1 Mullusc species
  • 30 Insect species
  • 67 Plant species

Check out all of the observations – and help confirm ID’s!! – at our iNaturalist project page! 

We are also asking for participants to please send any photos of the event they would like to share to yorkubioblitz@gmail.com 

In the near future we are also going to be sending out a survey for feedback and we would greatly appreciate any responses!